Nando Parrado  y Veronique

Nando Parrado is one of the Uruguayans known as "the survivors of Los Andes", that group of 16 young people who, after crashing their plane in the Andean mountain range, spent 72 days in the mountains living in subhuman conditions, in a feat that was carried to the cinema in 1993 in the movie "They live!"

Her wife, Veronique, was the one who asked Nando to accompany her to Medjugorje when the opportunity arose. Different absolutely providential events led us to Veronique and Nando, who did everything possible for us to record their testimony and interview. "They ask me for interviews from all over the world and I say yes a few times ... But this Medjugorje thing is different and important ... we are going to do it!" It was his decision when we talked to him about the project.

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