What is a Medjugorier?

You are a Medjugorier, who have lived the Medjugorje experience and share it whenever you can. 


Now, with this movie, we have an opportunity to reach a lot more people. I am not talking about the people who already know Medjugorje, but about all those who would never consider going to see this movie at the cinema. For that we need you.

So that, in any way, you help us promote the film and everything related to it. So that we can all be the outstretched hands of the Gospa.

How to be Medjugorier?

Fill in this form and we will periodically send you material that is very easy to disseminate among your contacts, with texts, videos and photos already prepared.

Without any kind of commitment, beyond the illusion of being part of a mission that is much bigger than us:

Let the whole world know the message of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje. 
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